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Welcome to the Várpalota Wiki designed to process as many local knowledge topics as possible in order to disseminate knowledge.

We bring to your attention our Facebook page called Album of local history of Várpalota where we are constantly uploading old pictures, photos and movies. The previous page was a blog named Portrait gallery of ancestors of Palota.

The purpose of this community site is for us to jointly research the former life of Várpalota. If you have photos of people of Várpalota, you can share them with others on our social site, an you can also see what others have uploaded to the site.

Please, help us! If you recognize someone, share this information to become part of common knowledge base! Any feedback is welcome at

or any of our other contacts.

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Main categories

Family research/genealogy (HU), Várpalota affiliates (HU), Historical events (HU), Fine art, Built heritage (HU),
Music life (HU), Literary life (HU), Natural values (HU), Etnography, Economic life (HU), The population of
 (HU), The history of Várpalota in years (EN)

Main pages

Our old local knowledge portal with valuable content available online
(News about the portal: Ferenc Kégli: Local knowledge developments in the framework of
the TÁMOP - 2.3.4. In: 3K, 20. year 9. publication number 2011. Szept. p. 5-14.) (HU)

List of Várpalota values (HU)
Honorary citizens of Várpalota (HU), Awarded people of Várpalota (HU)
Várpalota Town Television broadcasts (HU)
Council meeting of Várpalota (1985-1990, indexes, work plans and regulations) (HU)
Board meetings and regulations of the Town Council of Várpalota (HU)
The chronology of Várpalota’s cultural events based on posters and invitations stored in the
Town Library (HU)
Website of our quarterly publication “Krúdy Műhely” (HU)
Register of blasting masters in the Várpalota Mine (incomplete name list) (HU)
New! Project works and dissertations of Várpalota students. New! (HU)

Várpalota anniversary calendars (HU)

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,
2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Várpalota - themed electronic or digitized books

The Town Library Krúdy Gyula is sixty years old /edited by László Budai Várpalota, 2015.
(PDF) (HU)
Pál Huszár: Várpalota’s role in the Transdanubian border castle fights 1544 – 1566.
Várpalota, 1974.
(PDF) (HU)
Imre Könczöl: Little literary mirror of Várpalota; The short history of Várpalota, Várpalota,
(PDF) (HU)
János Rédli: Remembrance of professional employed in the coal mines of Várpalota Ad
futurum memoriam Várpalota 2002.
(PDF) (HU)
Values inherited from Várpalota’s past /edited by László Budai Várpalota, 2014. (PDF) (HU)
A metamorphosis of a market town /edited by László Budai – Ferenc Leitner Várpalota 2011. (PDF) (HU)

More books can be found on the old local knowledge portal (HU)

Few sources In English:

Szabolcs Balázs Nagy: Architectural Prestige Representation in the Mid-Fifteenth Century: Nicholas Újlaki and the Castle of Várpalota. Budapest, 2015. (PDF) (EN)
Szabolcs Balázs Nagy: Noble Residences in the 15th century Hungarian Kingdom The Castles of Várpalota, Újlak and Kisnána in the Light of Architectural Prestige Representation, Budapest, 2019. (PDF) (EN)

T. Fedeles: [The King and the rebellious Prince. Royal Military Expedition Against Lőrinc Újlaki and his Allied Forces (1494–1495)]

In German: 
T. Fedeles: „Bosniae … rex … apostolorum limina visit. Die Romwallfahrt von Nikolaus Újlaki im Jahre 1475. In: Ungarn Jahrbuch 31 (2011–2013) [2014] 99-117. (PDF) (DE)


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