Residents of the former Chorin residential estate

The former Chorin residential estate (Várpalota, Lower town)

During the campaign, which started in 1935, workers who had worked at the mine for 25 years or more were given a free house as a reward. For the construction of the house the mine gave a long-term loan, the repayment of which had to start after the construction of the house with an amount equal the 1 percent of the borrowed amount.

Building materials (brick, cement, wood, etc.) were provided for the construction at a discounted price. The lower section of the Gárdonyi Géza street was named after Ferenc Chorin, the general manager of the „Salgótarjáni Kőszénbánya Rt.” (the Salgótarján Coal Mines Public Limited Company) , because the mine manager Lajos Korompay implemented his house building campaigne with his help.
In the 1940s it became Korompay street, then in the 50s Bokányi street. Colonies with the same name were established all over the country. It is interesting, that unlike all lower town streets, the house numbering here does not start from the direction of the downtown, but from the direction of the mine.
The first inhabitants of the settlement: 
András Bostai Jr. (his wife Mária Hazuga)
András Bostai ( his wife Anna Unferdorben)
Imre Unferdorben (his wife Margit Kégli)
János Bognár (his wife Mária Virág)
József Di Giovanni (his wife Julianna Homoki)
Gyula Miskei (his wife Mária Vecsei)
János Vidamon (his wife Margit Szabó)
István Galambos (his wife Mária Hadnagy)
Mihály Homoki (his wife Mária Nagy)
József Galambos (his wife Rozália Izer)
János Nagy (his wife Róza Tóth, and their daughters, Jolán and Ilona)
Imre Bali (his wife Anna Bostai)
Károly Unferdorben (his wife Erzsébet Fókás)
Imre Csömöre (his wife Rozália Fókás)
Mátyás Unferdorben (his wife Katalin Steinhauer)
János Csömöre (his wife Erzsébet Somogyi)

Mihály Unferdorben (Buzási) (his wife Teréz Csajági)
Péter Fenyvesi (Fledrich) (his wife Terézia Halasi)
András György (his wife Mária Kungl)
József Steinhauer (his wife Ilona Sági)
József Lozsi (his wife Franciska Varga)
Imre Sági Jr. (his wife Julianna Tóth)
László Kertész (his wife Mária Csada)
Károly Schőnig (his wife Rozália Steinhauer)
Imre Sági (his wife Ágnes Szabó)
János Eiler (his wife Julianna Lóránt)
János Unferdorben (his wife Zsófia Szűcs)

[Written by László Budai, translated by Jolán Csizmadia]

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